Stalls At The Nightcliff Markets

Food - Fresh Fruit & Veg - Coffee - Smoothies - Clothing - Art - Craft - Massage - Tarrot - Collectables - Plants

A casual wander around Nightcliff Markets will likely unearth an unusual bargain or a unique gift for a friend. Stalls display a wide variety of original crafts such as copper sculptures, fairy dresses, hemp designer clothing and traditional Asian crafts. Browse through the many stalls specialising in recycled products like hardware, furniture, clothing, gardening, compact discs, books and collectables.

List of Food Stalls 2015

Naturally Yum - Fruit drinks and frozen fruit ice-creams

Wong Kee - Chinese food

Ken’s Crepes - Crepes

Malaysian Taste - Malaysian hot food and sweets

Khow Thai Tip - Cambodian and Thai food

Ha Hong - Vietnamese food

Delicious Soups - Vietnamese soups and dumplings

Just Coffee - Coffee; beans, ground coffee, drinks, cakes

Shake Shake - Fruit salads/juices/smoothies, paw paw salad

Shaved Ice - Flavoured shaved ice cups

Gourmet Sushi - Sushi

Icy Ice - Soft drinks, bottled water, milk shakes

Rachani & Chai’s Thai Food - Thai food

Mey Taing - Fresh seafood and fresh fruit & vegetables

Jeanie’s Fruit & Vegies - fresh fruit and vegetables

Sisters' Fruit and Vegies - rfesh fruit and vegetables

Virginia Orchards - dried fruits and fresh fruit & vegetables

Len Hunter - fresh fruit and vegetables, chutneys, jams

Jane Antalan - sticky rice

Alley Cats Patisserie - Freshly baked breads and pastries

Kettle Popcorn - fresh pocorn

Len Hunter - Local fruit and vegetables, fruit trees, preserves

Enchanted Tastes - condiments, spices, honey

List of Arts and Craft Stalls 2015

Judith Durnford - Gift cards, jewellery, leather purses

Kidz Klobber - Children’s clothing, women’s clothing

Stop The Itch - Anti-itching topical medication

Joan Crome - Hand-made bags, garden plants

Toni’s Crafts - Second-hand clothes/books/jewellery/bric-a-brac

Black Bambu - Women’s batik clothing

Two Monkeyz Trading - men's shirts, sandals

Helen’s Plants - Garden plants

Rufina Fraser - Garden plants

Vape Supplies - electronic ciggarettes

Thelma Wolsey - Garden Plants, floral arrangements, worm juice

Martin Johnson - Handcrafted jewellery and accessories

Elisabete Mendez - Hand-made soft toys, garden plants

Claude Celligoi - Leather products

Karrin Scoen - Women's clothing

Viet Ngyuen - Mobile phone accessories

DASSAN - Refugee support network

Judith durnford - Leather good and accessories

Batchelor Bees - Honey

Readback Art - Aboriginal paintings

Pam Orlando - Crocheted Creations

Nenetouti - African Clothing

Your Puzzle Place - Kids' puzzles, toys

Desert Rose House - Women's clothing

Aussie Pooch - Dog food and products

Peter Carlsson - Second-hand books

Desak Putu - Batik women’s clothing

Ayu Surati - Clothes mending service

Lamps and Things - Hand crafted wood products and spices

Jackie Percy - Leather Sandals, jewellery, women's clothing

Esther Modoh - Vegetable seedlings, ornaments

Turkish Towels - towels fro Turkey

Flor - women's bags and accessories

Esther’s Plants - Garden plants

Studion 11 - Locally made pottery

Nikana - Hand printed children's wear

Soft Croc - Crocodile leather products, reptile display

Midnight Cobblers - Leather goods, smoking paraphernalia

Laureen Ward - Women’s clothing. pearl jewellery, soap

Bees Creek Bromeliads - Bromeliad plants

A little Something -

Collectable Records - Records, music books 

Tibita - Jewellery, ornaments, clothing

Pan Asian Agencies - Indonesian clothing and hangings

Macramé Plus - Locally made and designed macramé

Pam's Jewelry - Hand made jewelry

Fran Wicks - Hand woven baskets, NT news, seed jewellery

Natural Wonders - Skin care products

Om Designs - Fisherman’s pants, women’s clothing

Vijay Daniels - Indian clothing, crafts

Chalide Unique gifts - Hand made women’s clothing and accessories

Eternal Elegance - Shell/costume jewellery, accessories, souvenirs, women's dresses

Service stalls 2015

Manfred Zander - Tarot Reading

Campfire women massage - Therapeutic massage

Marie Chin - Reiki



Music Line Up for the Dry Season

November 8th - Lachlan

November 15th - Reggae Dave

November 22nd - Lost and Found

November 29th - Tracey Bunn